Coffee for Weight Loss: Is Coffee Good for Weight Loss

Coffee for Weight Loss
Coffee for Weight Loss

Can you use coffee for weight loss? What are the benefits of using coffee to lose weight? Here is more on how to use coffee to lose weight fast

Is Coffee Good for Weight Loss?

Most of us take coffee every morning but many are the times we do not take a moment to understand how coffee works in our bodies. You may want to try use of coffee in case you want to lose weight. It is therefore important to study whether coffee really aids in weight reduction.

Coffee beans are useful for anyone who intends to lose weight. Majorly, people prefer use of unroasted coffee beans. This is because not all coffee beans have the component that aids in weight loss. The active ingredient in unroasted coffee beans that helps in   weight loss is referred to as chlorogenic acid.

The unroasted coffee beans are also             referred to as green coffee beans. The reason the coffee beans are better unroasted is that the process through which coffee is roasted kills the component in coffee meant for weight loss, the chlorogenic acid.

In Urdu/ Hindi

Hindi coffee has been trusted for weight long for a long period now. In Hindi, the most preferred form of coffee is ‘Qahwa’. In Hindi, coffee is best prepared with hot milk and chocolate. Just like coffee beans, coffee in Urdu/Hindi is very beneficial for anyone who wishes to lose weight.

Benefits of Using Coffee for Weight Loss

Many of us take coffee in the morning but we sometimes do not give a serious thought to its benefits. There are so many advantages of taking coffee as regards weight loss. You may be interested to understand how coffee is beneficial in losing weight. Discussed are some of the benefits of coffee in your attempt to lose weight.

Metabolism boost

The reason most people continually gain weight is because of accumulation of fats that are not broken down. Black coffee however is a good tool to ensure fats are broken down in your body to produce heat and energy. This saves you the danger of unknowingly gaining unnecessary weight.

High caffeine content in coffee is what enables a faster rate of burning fats during the body’s metabolic activity. Excess weight in your body is gotten rid of during the process of thermo genesis. This is the process involving burning of fats into energy and heat. You should therefore learn to take coffee frequently especially if you are fond of taking fatty meals.

A cup of coffee after your meals is also good enough as it aids in digestion. Maintain a good figure, especially for the ladies, by adopting the simple secret of improving your fat breakdown in the body.

Minimizing calories

Excess calories in your body are in most cases responsible for your weight gain. You are therefore advised most time to take calorie free meals if at all you wish to lose weight. For a calorie free meal in the morning, or rather a meal that contains the least amount of calories, coffee is just the best.

Coffee is a wonderful morning drink that will aid in weight loss. This does not however restrict you from taking it at any other preferred time. You can take coffee any time without fear of gaining weight. Black coffee is a source of energy since any time you take coffee the rate of fat metabolism increases. Such energy gives you the morale to exercise or carry out your daily activity.

An arising advantage is that, an increase in physical activity further aids in reducing fats accumulation speedily. Equip yourself with a black coffee drink each day and you will tremendously lose your weight without having to visit the gym or spending large amounts of cash to be assisted in losing weight. With coffee, you realize losing weight is a ‘do it yourself duty’.

Reduction of appetite

Excess appetite leads to over eating and hence unnecessary weight gain. If you realize your appetite is increasing everyday yet you wish to reduce weight, black coffee is the answer. It is not only a delicious drink but also an appetite suppressant.

Coffee helps to suppress hunger. This suppression is possible because, its component caffeine releases a hormone CCK known to be a hunger suppressant. If you are not hungry, you will definitely not eat and in the end, you will lose weight. Unnecessary cravings are curbed with consumption of black coffee.

If you really think that your continuous weight gain is because you eat too much, try black coffee. You will in no time reduce the number of times you take your meals as well as the volume of foods you take

The reason too much appetite ruins your dreams of losing weight is that, most food we eat contain a lot of fats. If you consume excessive amounts of foods that have high quantity of calories, you will definitely gain weight. You also realize that too much fat is not all broken down to energy and so the excess accumulates leading to an increase in body size and as such unwanted body weight increase.

Coffee is a diuretic

Too much water in your body contributes to increase in body weight. Black coffee aids in preventing water retention. This is because coffee intake leads to water loss. It is however important to note, water loss may just lead to a temporary weight loss. All the same, it still supports the other reasons for why coffee qualifies as a tool to aid in weight loss. Thanks to coffee for its diuretic ability.

Anytime you take coffee, there is an increased urge to visit the washrooms for short call. It gets your bladder filled in no time. You end up losing more than the normal amount of water that the body loses. When calculating body weight, water is always an important component. This means, reduced water levels in the body translate to a reduction body weight.

Conversion of hidden fats to fatty acids

The body has so many organs. You may have some fats hidden from breakdown during the normal body processes. Coffee is a tool that aids to break down such hidden fats. You may realize that these hidden fats are why you never accomplish your weight loss mission.

The process by which the body burns the hidden fats in your body to fatty acids is commonly referred to as lipolysis. There is a remarkable weight loss when the fats are converted to fatty acids. This is because; it is these fatty acids that the body uses in heat and energy production. That means, unnecessary accumulation of the hidden fats is prevented.

Body detoxification

Most times, we all assume that weight gain is only because of accumulation of fats or even buildup of calories. This may however not be the case for everyone. Probably, it is too many impurities in your body that lead top weight gain.

Good news is, even if it is impurities causing weight gain, black coffee will still work out for you. The excellence of black coffee as a cathartic agent can be attributed to its ability to detoxify the body. Detoxification of the body could be defined as the process through which the body gets rid of impurities.

You also need to understand that black coffee is a coarse fiber and that boosts its ability to flush out impurities. Weight gain due to accumulation of impurities in your body can thus be reversed by a cup of black coffee.

Best Coffee for Weight Loss


Plain coffee is simply coffee that is direct from the coffee pot. Better explained, this is neither coffee that contains neither sugar nor coffee. All you take in this case is black coffee without having to add anything to it.

It is a preferable form of coffee especially for those who intend to lose weight. Clearly, adding other ingredients could just increase the calories in your body. These ingredients are such as;

  • Sugar
  • Cream
  • Other flavors

This means that as much as you are taking coffee, a reversal activity is taking place and hence you may not accomplish your weight losing goal. If you intend to effectively lose weight, without having to drink large quantities of coffee each day, then take plain black coffee.

Flavoring the coffee reduces the effectiveness with which the caffeine in coffee helps in weight loss. Remember, large quantities of coffee would put your body at risk. Excessive caffeine is never health friendly. Take plain coffee, maybe once a day and you will lose weight in no time.


Specialists insist that raw foods are always better than cooked foods. They clearly show the difference that arises when it comes to health benefits that the body gets from either the raw or cooked foods. Raw foods win since they have not been subjected to any heat which could kill some enzymes.

In this case, raw coffee is a good choice for those that wish to lose weight. When raw, the coffee is at its original form and thus its contents are not interfered with.  For maximum health benefits at the time you wish to lose weight, try raw coffee, it’s magical.

Roasted/ Unroasted

As earlier mentioned, you should understand that the main ingredient in coffee that aids in weight loss is chlorogenic acid. Unroasted coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid as opposed to roasted coffee beans.

It is through roasting that; flavor, color and aroma are added to the roasted coffee. This makes roasted coffee beans appropriate for brewing rather than aiding in weight loss. The reason roasted coffee beans are not useful in weight loss is that, at the time they are roasted, chlorogenic acid necessary in coffee beans for weight loss is broken down.

Unroasted coffee beans are therefore what you should be looking for should you want to lose weight. Despite the fact that unroasted coffee beans are bitter, and have little or no aroma, their health benefits in weight loss are unquestionable. Look for weight loss supplements that contain unroasted coffee beans and you will definitely lose weight.


This is coffee that has no added sugar or flavors to make it sweet. Most of us fill our cups of coffee with sugar and this completely interferes with the health benefits desired from coffee.

For instance, if you wish to lose weight, opting to add little or no sugar will aid in yielding the best results. The truth that we all try to ignore when we take coffee full of sugar is that; fructose in sugar is known to cause obesity.

How then will additional sugar to your coffee lead to weight loss while research attaches sweetened sugar to obesity?

Not unless you wish to add weight, do not sweeten your coffee. Once your goal is clearly, weight loss, it is high time you forgot about sweeteners. They do more harm to you than good.

Green Coffee/ Black Coffee.

Both black and green coffee aid in weight loss though their composition slightly differs. This is as discussed below.

Green coffee

Apart from the taste has something special attached to it when it comes to weight loss. It is referred to as green coffee since it is made from green coffee beans. Green coffee is usually in its unroasted form which as such is the most beneficial form in which coffee can be consumed.

You would trust green coffee for weight loss since it contains the earlier mentioned chlorogenic acid. Weight gain is due to unbroken fats and excess calories in most cases. This acid improves body metabolism such as faster breakdown of fats. When the body systems work at their peak, weight loss is facilitated.

For those who believe in exercise for weight loss, you should try accompanying the exercise with green coffee and you will have the results sooner than expected. Green coffee is a sure tool to keep you healthy and help in maintaining the most desirable body weight.

Black coffee

Black coffee has also some features for which it is preferred for weight loss. Research so far shows that black coffee has caffeine which has been proven to enhance thermo genesis. This is the processes through which calories and fats are burnt to produce heat. This way, one is able to lose as much weight as desired.

When consumed after a meal, black coffee aids in weight loss. Black coffee like green coffee contains chlorogenic acid. In this case weight loss is made possible since glucose production is slowed down and new fat cells production is reduced. You get these benefits from black coffee since it is not only rich in chlorogenic acid but also caffeine.

How to Use Coffee to Lose Weight Fast

On an empty stomach

As much as you are now guaranteed you will lose weight on consuming coffee, it is not advisable that you take it on an empty stomach. Most people start their morning with a cup of coffee.

That is not a bad thing but you must ensure you take something even a slice of bread just to be sure your stomach is not empty when you take your coffee.

It is only when coffee is taken on a stomach that at least has something that its benefits will be seen without accompanying complications. Such complications are increased acid release in the stomach.

When coffee is taken on an empty stomach, it triggers release of stomach acids leading to excess acid complications, for instance, gastritis. Any time you wish


You also need to learn the availability of weight loss supplements that have coffee as ingredients. This is because you already know the weight loss benefits of consuming coffee.  Among the world’s leading supplements for weight loss is the extract from green coffee bean. Supplements that have coffee extracts are advisable for those who wish to lose weight mainly due to presence of chlorogenic acid.

Shakes/ Smoothie

You realize that some people prefer taking coffee smoothie rather than just plain coffee. This requires that you add some flaxseeds, bananas and oats. It is a healthy breakfast for anyone who wishes to lose weight in a short period of time.

Ice cream

When we wish to choose the best type of coffee ice cream that will aid in weight lose, there are a number of factors that you must consider;

  • Quantity of calories
  • Sugar content
  • Fat saturation

The most important thing to consider if your goal is to lose weight is to ensure that you   only take half a cup of the ice cream. Any excesses will lead to a reverse of your           expected results.

Beans/ bean extract

Coffee products are all made from coffee beans. This is the form in which coffee is harvested. Coffee bean extract refers to what is obtained from the coffee beans. The extract is what is used for weight loss in this case. The coffee bean extract can be used to make supplements or even pills and tablets for weight loss.

Tablets/ pills

If you intend to use coffee for weight loss and you are uncomfortable taking maybe a cup of coffee, you could decide to buy tablets which have coffee content in them. They are available in chemists and you should seek prescription from the doctor for best results.

Coffee enema

Most people do not really understand what coffee enema is. As mentioned earlier, impurities in your body could be one reason you are continually gaining weight. Coffee enema contains caffeine that helps in stimulation of the liver and gallbladder to trigger detoxification of the body.


Coffee with Cinnamon

To prepare, you require the following;

  • 2 tablespoons of grounded cinnamon
  • ¾ cup brown sugar
  • 6 cups of water
  • ½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract


  1. In a coffee maker basket, place cinnamon, coffee and sugar.
  2. In an empty pot of coffee maker, place vanilla. For brewing, add water to the coffee maker.
  3. It is ready and can be served with additional cinnamon if necessary.

Coffee with Coconut oil for weight loss

The ingredients required include the following;

  • Coffee in its organic form
  • 2 teaspoons of coconut oil
  • Gelatin


  1. Put the coffee into the cup you will use for blending.
  2. Add coconut oil and gelatin or any other preferable like raw honey.
  3. Cover the blender with a lid and allow the coffee t blend.
  4. Once the coffee and coconut oil froth up, the blending process is complete and coffee can be served.

Butter with coffee for weight loss


  • A cup of hot coffee
  • 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter
  • 2 teaspoons brain octane


  • Get hot coffee or brew it.
  • Blend unsalted butter, the hot coffee and brain octane.
  • Be sure to do the blending slowly starting with the oil.
  • You can serve and enjoy after blending.

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