How to Get Rid of Face Fat: Reduce Face Fat Fast, Naturally

How to Get rid of Face Fat
How to Get rid of Face Fat

“Chubby Cheeks, Double Chin…” Are you looking for a way to get rid of unwanted fat on your face? Here are some of the most effective exercises to help tone down your face. Find out more on how to get rid of face fat fast, naturally and with home remedies.

How to Get rid of Face Fat

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all. Let as all “face” it, we live in a world where we are all judged with our physical appears especially the face rather than our personality and character. When you think of people appearance or meet someone for the first time the face is the first thing we all notice and give attention to. The perceived misguided notion globally is that having round and chubby cheeks make an individual face looks heavy and older. The world’s undivided attention is so much emphasized to people who have a slimmer, chiseled jaw line and high cheek bone with sharp edge appearance as they are judged to being beautiful, sexy, younger, muscular and healthy.

The slim face line syndrome has completely taken over the world, and in particular, the social world. Look at some of the most successful movie stars, they are marketable because of their slim face appearances.  With social media application such Instagram, snap chat or Facebook there is even an edit tool that helps people edit photos to appear thin with a slim face. Certain individuals prefer to take short cut means such as laser or surgical treatment despite the health risk dangers to get rid of face fat.

What Causes Face Fat?

Even though an individual’s genetic disposition plays a crucial part in people face fat composition, poor dieting, stress, lack of sleep are the primary source of fat composition around the face. However, health experts recommend that one can engage in specific activities such as proper nutrition, facial and body workout and cardiovascular exercise to help in trimming the excess fat around the face. For those determined to look for a shortcut alternative, especially the old, surgical operation and cream is an alternative one can exploit though doctors dispense it for the health danger it poses.

Exercises to Get rid of Face Fat Fast

Fats is usually stored around the face neck, abdomen, and thighs. The face has three fat spots the area that is located on your cheeks directly of the nose and the two cheeks. Through specific isolation workouts, individuals can target the facial muscles for getting rid of face fat to achieve a slim and toned face. Exercise also helps in overall body fat reduction giving one a health and strong body.

Exercises to Help Get rid of Face Fat
Exercises to Help Get rid of Face Fat

Cardiovascular exercise

High-intensity workout done in full and moderate force is a sure way of losing overall body fat composition. Health experts and the CDC recommend that one should target around 300 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week. Exercise such as swimming, running, jumping, boxing or mountain climbing are essential in burning the extra calories and fats.

Additionally, you can include weight training workouts to reduce calories and lose weight. Health gurus recommend that you should at least target three total body workout every week so as to aid in building and to preserve muscles to boost metabolism.

Facial toning exercise to get rid of face fat in a week

According to research done by the time magazine on fat-trimming exercise, the facial yoga is an important formula of workout that is projected to tone and stiffen numerous muscles of the face.

Chin lifts to get rid of face fat

This exercise helps in isolating and stretching all the facial muscles that include the neck, jaw and throat and chin. This area stores most of the face fat. Chin lift exercised is done by tilting the head to face the ceiling ensuring that the eyes are open and fixed towards the ceiling. Hold the lips and breathe tightly and maintain the position for 15-20 seconds. Breathe out and relax. Repeat the exercise until exhaustion. Workouts can be done will sitting or standing.

Lips pull to get rid of face fat

As a form of facial yoga exercise lips pulls is a more effective workout provided it is done consistently and in the right form.  It specifically targets all the face muscles reducing giving one a high cheek bone with a chiseled jaw line.

  1. While sitting or standing place the head in normal position.
  2. Lift the lower lip higher to maximum height by pushing the lower jaw out.
  3. Ensure that the face and jawline and chin muscles feel the full stretch and pressure.
  4. Maintain the position for 20 -30 seconds and relax.
  5. Repeat the exercise until exhaustion.

Jaw release exercise

The exercise is highly useful in stretching the skin and toning the muscles around the cheeks jaws, and lips.

  1. Perform jaw release exercise in a normal head position while standing or sitting.
  2. Begin with moving the jaw in circular motion much like you are chewing while keeping the lips closed and tight.
  3. Deeply breathe in and out while humming.
  4. Widely open the mouth ensuring that the tongue is pressed on the bottom teeth.
  5. Maintain the position for 10 seconds and breath in and out.
  6. Repeat the workout until exhaustion.

Fish face exercise

The smiling fish face yoga exercise helps stretching, elongating and toning the face by targeting the check muscles for quick fat reduction.

  1. Begin by sucking in the cheeks and lips inside the mouth.
  2. Make a fish like facial expression by puckering in the lips outward.
  3. Maintain the position for roughly 30 -40 seconds.
  4. Deeply Breathe in and out and relax.
  5. Repeat the exercise until you fill full stretch on the lips and jaws.

Tongue Teaser exercise

An essential facial workout the tongue teaser aids in flexing and stretching the facial muscles giving a protruding v like jawline.

  1. Begin by firmly pulling back the cheeks.
  2. Spread out the tongue as far as possible.
  3. Maintain the position for 20 seconds then relax.
  4. Repeat the exercise until exhaustion.

Air blowing exercise

The exercise is an all-inclusive workout that works on stretching, relaxing and sculpting the muscles around the cheeks and face.

  1. While sitting on the chair fully relax all the muscles especially the core, back, and spine.
  2. Tilt the head to face the ceiling.
  3. Pull the lips and blow out air from the mouth.
  4. Repeat the exercise until exhaustion.

Balloon blowing exercise

The exercise naturally tones the necks jaws and cheeks give the face an upright lift trims the sagging fat on the cheek bone.

  1. First begin by relaxing the head, core, back and spine and blow air in a blown until it is full.
  2. Release the air and relax the muscles.
  3. Repeat the exercise until exhaustion.

All facial yoga exercise should be done two times per day throughout the week. Ensure that you combine a wide variety of the workouts and perform them in full range of motion for effective results. Perform the exercise daily.

Cheek bone massage

The workout checks bone massage should be done to illuminate all the other yoga exercise. This workout stimulates blood on the checks through relaxing and stretching the facial muscles.

  1. Begin by placing both the middle finger and index on the void under the cheekbones.
  2. In a clockwise motion rotate the skin for at least 60 seconds until you feel a full stretch or burn.
  3. Repeat the exercise until exhaustion.

Hot towel massage

Facial steaming helps to reduce fat around the face as it causes the face to sweat.

  1. Begin by boiling water in a bowl for around 3-5 minutes.
  2. Deep a face towel inside the hot water and let it cool, squeeze the towel.
  3. Softly rub the hot towel around the fat spots.
  4. Repeat the process for about 3- 5 times as this helps open the pores on the cheeks.

Nutrition to Help get rid of Face Fat Naturally

Nutrition is very important to help supply the body with nutrients for essential for building muscles and fueling the body with energy to perform everyday activities.

Calorie deficient diet

The body needs to convert calories for energy for everyday work and exercise.  Excessive amounts of calories are stored as body fats that cause an insulin spike. Cut the calories intake by at least 500 per day through exercise and diet.

Drink plenty of water and fruit juices

Hydrated drinks and water help to get rid of excessive fat for proper metabolism as the water flushes unwanted toxins and skin bloating around the face. Health experts recommend that you should drink at least eight glass of water.  Lemon water juice is highly recommended as it helps in fat reduction.

Fruits juices and vegetable juices are essential important as they contain major nutrients, phytonutrients, and anti-oxidations that help in flourishing, toning, fat reduction and skin complexion. They have fewer calories that are used for everyday activities such as walking, reading, writing and sitting.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol contains a chemical substance that causes the face bloat as it retains water stored in body dehydrating the body.

Avoid salty and sugary foods

Sodium contained in salt can retain lots of water making a face to bloat and sunk causing fats to be stored.

Adequate sleep and avoid stress

Sleep is essential as lack of proper sleep cause the body to release hormones that convert glucose to insulin is spiking the blood with unwanted fats.  The fats are stored in spots such as face, abdomen, thighs.


Certain creams work to get rid of face fat though dermatologist advice is important before buying them. The cream aid in activating the skin tissue through antioxidant action by making the skin more elastic through refreshing heat. The process alleviates the skin and intensifies the synthesis of collagen fiber so as to help in alleviating the sunken v line and reduce fat.

Surgical procedures to get rid of face fat

Surgical method and facelifts are done by removing the excess fat stored around the cheeks for a slimmer appearance. The methods are expensive, dangerous and painful.

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