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Sea Salt for Weight Loss..
Sea Salt for Weight Loss..

Although the use of Sea salt for weight loss may sound surreal to many, it is very much real. Over the Years Sea salt has been used in fighting off diseases or health issues, such as musculoskeletal system diseases and cardiovascular diseases, especially in ancient Greece. Nowadays its’ purpose has evolved to seas salt being used to help with fighting against obesity and weight loss; it not only helps remove what is in your intestines but also assist in getting rid of your unwanted weight while working on your whole body.

What’s Sea salt?

Many now sea salt to be used for seasoning while cooking food but it also has various other uses like for cosmetics and dealing with health issues. Sea salt is also known as bay salt is salt manufactured from seawater and then sold to the consumer don’t confuse sea with mineral salt their two different products.

Does Sea Salt Work For Weight Loss?

Yes, sea salt does work for weight loss. Sea salt contains various properties and minerals that in some way help with weight loss. There are two ways in which to use sea salt for weight loss the, most common is sea salt cleanse where the person drinks water mixed with sea salt, and then there is salt bath where you add sea salt and other remedies to your bath that help reduce weight and conditions like cellulite.

Both do help with losing weight, and below are their topics in with more details; the benefits of sea salt in losing weight, procedures you will use, or how it works, etc.

Sea Salt Baths for Weight Loss

Among the two ways of reducing weight using sea salt, this is the list common and widespread, the reason is that its less effective than sea salt cleanse, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still be useful.  Use of salt in the bath is not uncommon to women, but they use it for a different reason rather than weight loss.

Sea salt for salt baths has various benefits in influencing weight loss. First, it has multiple unique elements like, bromine, magnesium, calcium, nickel, and other minerals, etc. which are known to assist in getting rid of extra weight. Secondly, it’s a natural exfoliator. Thus it will eliminate inflammation and fluid retention causing toxins, open the skin pore and also help in burning excess weight thus assisting in dealing with cellulite and obesity. And finally, it will help lower cholesterol and improve intracellular metabolism by minerals like “Sodium and potassium.”

All weight benefits come from doing what many people do which is luxuriate in soft water and taking warm baths.

Bath Preparation 1

A simple procedure is just to

  • Use a cup of sea salt in your warm bath “temperature should be higher than 38 degrees” and a little bit of essential oil “15-20 drops.”
  • Then mix properly and get in the birth
  • Wait for about 15 to 25 minutes later get out.
  • When you get out, take a shower then put on a skin moisturizer
  • Bundle yourself with a warm blanket and relax for a few 30 minutes.

Bath Preparation 2

This procedure has many ingredients compared to the first process, and also it helps a lot with cellulite


  • A cup of sea salt
  • A cup of magnesium sulfate salts
  • Half a cup of baking soda
  • 20 drops of essential pine oil
  • 15 drops of tangerine essential oil
  • 20 drops of essential oil of cypress


  • Mix the ingredients in a bowl
  • Add the mixture to you warm/ hot birth “temperature should be higher than 38 degrees” and mix with your hand so that the solution can spread throughout the water.
  • When you get into the water use a sponge to massage your body especially areas you fill contain lots of fat. It should be in a circular motion and energetic this is to make sure the ingredient comes to contact with skin and encourages blood flow in the body.
  • After the sponge, massage stay in the bath for 15 minutes
  • When you get out taking a shower then put on a skin moisturizer
  • Bundle yourself with a warm blanket and relax for a few 30 minutes.

The correct potion is 300-500 grams of sea salt per 200 liters of water. Don’t eat anything for 1 to 2 hours after bath; however, you can steel drink herbal decoction or tea.  Both preparations should be done twice or thrice in a week. Essential oils can be found in perfumeries and natural stores.

If there are urogenital system problems, you are pregnant or have an inflammatory process in your body avoid such baths. It’s advisable to first visit a doctor before taking sea salt baths, and if your skin is too sensitive, you should reduce the amount of salt used in your bath.

Sea Salt Water Flush or Sea Salt Water Cleanse For Weight Loss

Sea Salt Water Cleanse is a standard way among the models in keeping their weight in check and also losing weight; it requires you drinking a sea salt concoction for you to flush buildup and opens up the intestines thus promoting weight loss.  The taste will be a bit unpleasant, but just like drinking diet juices you can get through it.

What Sea Salt Does

  • What the sea salt cleanse does is opening up the intestines by flushing out build up and toxic substances. It helps your digestive system to concentrate more on removing waste and digesting food, rather than focus on the eradication of toxic buildup.
  • After the sea salt reaches your intestines, your body absorbs the water causing something known as osmotic diarrhea due to the amount of sea salt in the water. The mineral found in sea salt like calcium, magnesium, potassium and other minerals help activate enzymes needed for proper digestive processes.
  • The process also affects nerves and muscles by helping contract gastrointestinal tract muscles thus forcing out toxins out and pushing waste through your colon
  • The salt also balances the pH levels of acidity counteracting its effects in the stomach
  • Sea salt also supports break down of glucose and proteins because it assists hyperosmolarity of extracellular fluids which brings positive effects on metabolism.
  • A healthy diet and sea salt cleansing will help restore mineral content and proper vitamin; this aids in reducing craving for junk foods.

Timing, supplies, and recipes are essential, but the good thing is that the ingredients are cheap and easy to find plus the formula is simple.

When to Cleansing Using Sea Salt

The timing of doing the cleansing is essential in determining how faster the sea salt impacts weight loss and how well the effects will be.  The schedule should not be too demanding on the day of flushing.

Because the mixtures’ is unpleasant in taste, vomiting is possible, but it can be avoided if you cleanse on an empty stomach. Another reason why sea salt water flushing is more effective if it’s done first thing in the morning or three to four hours after a meal and four hours before living home; all are ideal times.

Sea Salt Water Cleanse Recipe 


  • Four cups of water
  • Two to three teaspoons of sea salt


  • Put the water into a pan then add the sea salt and bring it to just under boiling point
  • Stir for about 1-3 minutes until the salt dissolved in water then wait till the mixture cool to a reach a drinkable temperature
  • Drink the mixture till it’s complete
  • After an hour or two, you will be heading to the bathroom
  • Start drinking pure water over the course of the day to help with hydration because sea salt water causes a lot of dehydration; four glasses of pure water per day will be enough.

How Safe Is Sea Salt Water Flush

After first hearing of this method of losing weight a lot of people have doubts and think that drinking a solution of sea salt and water to cleanse your body is dangerous. The thing is we ingest salt daily plus the process is all natural, the only thing is that the quantity changes so the process can be easily monitored and is safe if used in moderation.

The only unfortunate effect sea salt water flush can bring about is diarrhea but its expected because of the cleansing especially during the first trial and only a fraction of people have reported feeling bad a little headache or dizzy after use, however, this is expected especially after emptying their entire digestive system.

So there is no harm in drinking sea salt for weight loss.

The process is just water running through your body and once sea salt water cleanses is over you will feel lighter and energetic. Choose sea salt without flavoring agent or coloring. You can find the natural sea salt product in natural food stores and nearby grocery stores.


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